The best keratin treatment for hair

Sure you have heard of the miracles of keratin hair treatment, but does it work? Is it good for your hair? Is it difficult to do? To know more, check out: Best Keratin Treatment

What is keratin?

Among all the treatments that have been designed to hydrate the hair, the application of keratin is one that offers the best results .

Keratin is a natural protein that the body produces in order to repair and nourish hair. However, their production is usually quite low and that is why, by not applying nourishing masks constantly, the hair can break and become frizzy due to a deficiency of keratin .

The term should not be confused, since keratin is the commercial name of the hydrating treatment, while keratin is the protein generated by the body.

The Keratin is a treatment that is applied to the hair in order to repair the damage and give nutrition as a mask.

It is applied from the roots to the ends to obtain deep hydration. But, in addition to this, it allows to have a semi-permanent straightening , in hair with few waves.

What is hair keratin for?

Applying keratin to hair helps repair hair fibers that have been subjected to heat, chemical, or failure to produce keratin.

Keratin gives a better appearance to the hair, giving shine, strength and nutrition. In addition, it is responsible for protecting it from future damage.

However, the reason many people choose to apply keratin is because of its smoothing effect .

The mask by itself manages to smooth the waves of the hair, favoring the natural smooth . But, when a more powerful treatment is applied, using an iron for its application, it manages to straighten frizzy hair.

How is keratin straightening performed?

Keratin straightening is not as difficult as it sounds and can be done at home . Depending on the treatment, the application may have some variations.

Such is the case of the Kerastase Keratin Hair Straightener , ideal for unruly hair that has been subjected to heat damage.

Its derivatives of wheat protein revitalize hair and repair any type of damage. Its application is quite simple , as it is applied to damp hair and then dries with the dryer.

But, generally, to apply keratin it is necessary to follow these steps :

1.  Wash the hair 3 times with shampoo, without applying any type of conditioner.

2.  Dry the hair with a towel or with the help of a blow dryer.

3.  Separate the hair into small sections to apply the treatment evenly.

4. With the help of a comb, it should be applied leaving 2 free fingers from the roots to the ends .

5. Once all the treatment has been applied to the hair, it should be left to act for about 15 minutes , on straight or fine hair and 30 minutes on frizzy hair.

6. To finish, the hair must be ironed , separating it again into small strands. 

How often can I do a keratin treatment?

The frequency with which a keratin treatment is performed depends on the type of hair and the type of product .

For example, with the professional Keratin Research Brazilian hair keratin treatment , a straightening is achieved for more than 3 months , so its application should not be so frequent .

It is designed for thick and unruly hair . It includes a pre-treatment shampoo and the keratin treatment with argan oil in presentations of 120 ml each.